5 Myths About Hair Loss

Five Myths About Hair Loss

Everyone has an opinion (mostly unsubstantial) about hair loss and everyone who suffers from it can make themselves crazy. We hope to put you at ease. Here, five myths to ditch (just not your baseball hat.)

Your Mom’s Family Did This To You

It is a complete myth that baldness is inherited from only the mother’s side of the family. You hair future is determined by genes from both sides of your family and you have likely ended up with some mix of your parents’ hair genes.

Being Stressed Out

Your really annoying boss or fights with your partner does not cause baldness. Stress can be blamed for many different health problems but hair loss isn’t generally one of them. In rare times, such as an awful accident or death of someone close, temporary hair loss can occur.

Your Favorite Baseball Hat

We are still not sure how this got around but baseball hats do not cause balding, unless you have glued it to your head and every time it comes off you pull out chunks of hair.

The Whole Foods Aisle

We do know that supplements such as Biotin and Folic Acid can help hair growth but there have been other supplements that supposedly can help as well.  Save your money and  stop buying palmetto, pygeum afericanum, stinging nettle and buy what works: Propecia

Lotions and Potions

Overdoing anything is a bad thing – but the moderate and everyday use of pomades and shampoo’s does not cause hair loss.