7 Things you need to know about Shampooing your Hair

7 Things you need to know about Shampooing your Hair

Everyone (with hair that is) obsesses on whether it’s clean or not. For many, it means washing their hair everyday – which is actually not.so.much. Here is why: Hair is a fiber and just like your favorite wool sweater the more you wash it, the worse it looks. Here, our shampoo guide with a few tips & tricks.

Shampoo Every Other Day
You hair just doesn’t need it. In fact, it could dry out your hair.

Baby Powder
That’s right. If you feel you hair getting oily, dose it with baby powder to soak it up.

If You  Must…
If you had a really sweaty gym class, use a light weight (everyday) shampoo because they contain milder detergents. Here is our tip: Regression Therapy. Get some Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo.

It’s recommended to shampoo curly hair less often because your curls can become even more frustratingly frizzy.

In between your shampoo days hair conditioner is a good thing. It helps to break up oils, loosen dirt, and keep hair manageable between shampoos.

Know Your Ingredients.
You know those commercials you see with the big suds and lathering foam? That’s just good adverting. Those bubbles are actually created by the harshest ingredients, and sulfates – which means look for sulfate free shampoo. Natural ingredients produce less suds, but have more power.

Less Product.
Oh, the vicious circle of beauty. Hair washed every day with shampoo tends to need more styling product. If hair is too clean, it becomes loose, soft and floppy which requires more gels and sprays to get the shape you want.  In turn, that means washing you hair often to get all the product out.