It was only a matter of time.  We fell in love with C-3PO and his strange relationship with R2-D2.  Then there was the iRobot that look like a cleaned-up version of C-3PO. Now there is Jibo, the social robot designed as a home companion (he’s the cutest of them all – and the weirdest.)

There is one robot though, that is the best of all. It’s the Artas Robotic System, but we call him ‘Bear.’


In addition to the tools of the trade, Dr. Stoller’s hands, he employs the Artas Robotic hair transplant to perform surgery from creating recipient sites to transplanting hair grafts.

Patients undergoing this procedure will have their surgery performed in our brand new luxurious Artas Robotic Suite. Through an image-guided interface, used to identify abundant hair follicles,


In one 6 – 8 hour sitting, we may extract over 2500 – 3000 units for large areas, such as, the crown, or as little as 500 units for eyebrow hair transplants.

Following the extraction of the grafts, we utilize state of the art microscopic eyewear to create recipient sites while his team of experienced staff members dissects the grafts for transplants.

Next, with the pinpoint precision and the aesthetics that only a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can deliver, Dr. Stoller combines science and style to deliver dense hair that naturally blends in with your existing hair for an overall enhancement that will have you beaming with self-confidence.


Once surgery is complete, clients often find themselves in very little pain, a perk of Follicular Unit Extraction by Artas Robot but what patients love the most — no linear scaring.