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The ARTAS Robotic Transplant Process

ARTAS robotic hair transplant machine

Patients undergoing this procedure will have their surgery performed in our brand new luxurious ARTAS Robot Suite. Utilizing an image-guided interface, which identifies abundant hair follicles, Dr. Stoller operates the robotic arm to remove the healthiest hair follicles with astounding accuracy.


The ARTAS 9x system enables faster and more precise robotic hair transplant procedures. Some of the benefits of 9X include greater range-of-motion of the robotic arm, newly designed needles for more accurate harvesting, improved optical system, simplified site making, smaller donor wounds, automatic scar detection, and a greater overall speed.


In one sitting, which may entail 6 – 8 hours, Dr. Stoller may extract over 2,500 – 3,000 units for large areas such as the crown or as little as 500 for eyebrow hair transplants.


Following the extraction of the grafts, Dr. Stoller creates the recipient sites while the grafts are prepared for transplant.


Then, with a nod to both science & style, Dr. Stoller transplants the grafts to create dense, stylish looking hair that blends your natural attributes for an overall enhancement that will have you beaming with self-confidence.


Little Pain

With 25 years of in-hospital surgical experience, Dr. Stoller utilizes the safest and most efficient anesthesia and methods for pain control both during the procedure and afterwards.


A policy of Dr. Stoller is to have a chaperone pick you up after surgery make sure to have a friend or family member come with you to assure you return home or to your hotel safely.

Post Meds

The last thing we want is you waiting at the drugstore after surgery. You’ll have everything you need packed and ready in our post care bag.

Follow Up

As part of Hair Prescription Plan – we perform you first shampoo therapy to soothe, nourish the scalp and encourage the growth of newly implanted hair. Plus, we want to monitor your hair growth to achieve maximum results.

Post Care

Follow our simple recovery guide, complete with hair washing, hair care and diet tips, soon you’ll be feeling just fine*.

Hair Growth

Hair growth normally begins 9 to 12 weeks after surgery and will then continue to grow the rest of your life like the surround donor hair..


Under the control of your skilled doctor, the ARTAS System utilizes its robotic arm and sophisticated digital imaging to harvest follicular units. The ARTAS System digitally identifies each follicular unit, and then the small needle system is deployed to separate each follicular unit from the surrounding tissue. It continuously re-calculates hair position, angle, and other parameters to track each follicular unit to achieve optimal harvest results. The ARTAS technology targets follicular units in a random fashion to ensure the donor areas retain their natural appearance. The individual follicular units are stored until they are implanted into the recipient area resulting in natural-looking hair re-growth.
Normal hair grows in groupings called follicular units. Typically, each follicular unit consists of one to four hairs follicles. Hair restoration or hair transplantation is a procedure during which the doctor removes individual follicular units from a donor site (located on the back and/or sides of the head) and transplants these units into the balding area of the head.
Surgical hair transplantation provides extremely natural looking results. Most patients experience minimal scarring in the donor area. Patients are able to wear their hair any length or style with confidence.
Old fashioned “hair plugs” included the harvesting of large patches of hair follicles that resulted in an awkward and unnatural appearance once implanted. The ARTAS System uses its computer-assisted robotic arm and digital mapping to pinpoint individual follicular units from the donor area for dissection. This process provides the doctor more control and precision in designing a natural looking hair growth pattern. Because the ARTAS System enables unmatched precision and accuracy, doctors are able to extract healthy robust grafts for optimal growth.
The ARTAS Procedure transplants permanent hair, typically from the back of the head, to thinning areas of the scalp. As this hair is not susceptible to conditions that cause male pattern baldness, transplanted hair can last a lifetime.
Recovery time with the ARTAS Procedure is less than with most surgical cosmetic procedures. As there is no linear incision required with an ARTAS Procedure, healing time is short, and you can usually go back to your daily activities after a day or two. Some doctors schedule a follow up visit the morning after the procedure to examine your scalp and to teach you how to take care of your newly implanted hair follicles. It takes approximately three days for the transplanted hair to “take” and for growth cells to be transferred from the follicles to the scalp. Once healed, the implanted hairs will form a scab which can be gently rubbed off after a few days, after which your appearance returns to “normal.”
Because the ARTAS procedure harvests individual follicular units rather than removing a large area of scalp requiring sutures, there is minimal scarring in the donor area. Patients are able to wear their hair at almost any length or style with confidence.
Trimming the patient’s hair in the donor area allows the ARTAS System to accurately visualize, track and harvest each follicular unit for transplantation. The doctor is also able to harvest hair from a larger area of your scalp. Patients then receive more follicular units per procedure. For smaller procedures, patients can choose to trim only the harvest area that is needed to achieve the desired results. Once the individual follicular units are extracted, hair grows back at a normal rate.


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