Keeping it Real: Tempering the New Technology in Hair Restoration

Dr.Stoller is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, one of the few who performs hair restoration surgeries and uses all] technologies including the Artas robotic system.

The Artas system is just one modality used to perform follicular unit extraction.  There are practices that only use the Artas system.  These practitioners either do not know how to use all the modalities available or have non-physician staff using the robot.

Dr. Stoller, having years of surgical training utilizing highly sophisticated equipment sees the robot for what it is, a smart
scalpel.  The person controlling the robot, is performing the surgery. Dr. Stoller performs the surgery.

Dr. Stoller has performed over 500 FUE cases using all robotic, manual and motorized techniques.  He has found that not one
technique fits all, or any one part of a patient’s scalp.  His philosophy is that the surgery should be modified to fit the patient.

If all you do is a robotic FUE, how do you modify the case if better grafts could be harvested with a motorized instrument?

The Artas robot came on site in June, 2014.  Since then, Dr. Stoller has incorporated it to most of his FUE cases.   The technology is in its infancy.  There are major changes to the way the robot operates  every few months. Each practitioner must be able to adapt to a new paradigm.

For a mature FUE practice like ours, the learning curve was very fast.

It is analogous to driving a different automobile once you know how to drive.