Extra! Extra! Beyonce’s hair news is so big it needs its own closet.

We scoured the Internet for the latest and craziest hair news and cosmetic surgery happenings. And, of course – we found some.

We’ve seen some really glamorous closets with Louboutin shoes in every shape and color. But, a hair closet possibly full of weaves? Thank you Beyoncé for this…

He say’s that that his salon is not equipped with the ‘equipment’ to do women’s hair nor is it stocked up with champagne and mimosas (because apparently that’s what girls who go to barbershop’s drink?) Or was this discrimination? Whatever it was – it cost him a hefty fine.

Why do all roads lead back to sex? This sexual disease gave birth to first recorded nose job. Gross but true.

In more celebrity news, Kylie Jenner thinks it’s okay to look like this. Justin Bieber looks even more ridiculous and finally a celebrity that knows how to rock her new Fall hair color.