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Causes and treatments for thinning hair – Medical News Today

In the Journal Medical News Today, reporter Adrienne Stinson exams the various causes for hair loss and latest hair loss therapies. Although we do not endorse or even agree with all the recommendations we thought this was a thorough and worthwhile article to share. As people get older, their hair may start to lose volume…

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Diffuse Hair Transplant Case Study

Many patients experiencing early hair loss or diffuse hair loss through out an area can benefit from hair restoration surgery.  Often Dr. Stoller will recommend hair loss therapy in conjunction with hair transplant surgery. This 45 year old, male patient was experiencing diffuse hair loss with the help of . Dr. Stoller prescribed laser…

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by Dr. Roy Stoller Obviously, every man and woman who comes in to see me is bothered by losing their hair. Some don’t like the thinning, or that they can’t wear the style they want,  or their hairline is disappearing, or they can’t part it the way they are used to.  Something about their change in…

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EYEBROW Hair Transplant

An Eyebrow hair transplant can restore both function and aesthetics to the brow.* The function of the eyebrow is to prevent sweat, water and other debris from entering the eyes.  But their aesthetic function is more valued.  Eyebrow frame the face and allow us convey human expression of happiness, sadness, surprise, delight, etc.  One of…

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Trending hair and style news on the Dr. Stoller Blog!

Uh, oh. Donald Trump isn’t the only “political figure” whose hair is a big topic. That and some trending hair and style news that’s ‘fit to print.’ You’ll want to know why 33,600 is a very scary number when it comes to your hair. Get your tissues ready. Meet a very special 7-year-old girl who…

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LaserCap LCPRO FDA Approved for Hair Loss!

When a product gets FDA 510(k) clearance it’s a very big deal. We were one of the first hair loss centers in New York City to sell LaserCap LCPRO because of its pioneering LCPRO low-level therapy device. Specifically it was approved for treatment of women suffering from hair loss and to promote hair growth.  With…

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All patched up. The best treatments for Alopecia.

Alopecia Hair Loss

When Alopecia strikes, clumps of hair begin to fall out resulting in smooth hairless patches on the scalp. In certain cases, hair begins to get extremely thin or break off. There is, however, a silver lining. The hair follicles can remain alive and there is some probability that your hair may resume growth and slow…

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