Extra, Extra! Botox for your hair is the next big thing.

We don’t have any #trumpyourcat news to write about. Just some very disturbing pop culture trends happening in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Here is all the #hair and #face news that is ‘fit to print’ this week.

– Botox is the gift that keeps on giving. It takes care of frown lines , excessive under arm sweat, migraines and dirty hair. You can thank the girls from Soul Cycle for this one. It’s called Blotox. We swear. It really is.

– You know those really annoying mom’s that act, speak and dress like their teenage daughters? It just got a whole lot worse.

Remember when we went back-to-school with notebooks and pens? That’s like so.not.cool. This is the new cool. 

Scandal! Did she or didn’t she? Everyone wants to know if supermodel Gisele Bundchen had a boob job. We’re not exactly sure these pics are a give-away, but it’s all the media has and we can barely contain our excitement. Barely.

Let’s get back to Botox. Not surprising and sort of boring news: more and more men are getting Botox! However, #3 did surprise us.