Keeping it Real: Tempering the New Technology in Hair Restoration

Artas Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr.Stoller is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, one of the few who performs hair restoration surgeries and uses all] technologies including the Artas robotic system. The Artas system is just one modality used to perform follicular unit extraction.  There are practices that only use the Artas system.  These practitioners either do not know how…

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Get Style! Best Haircut Tips

Thick, thin, oily, dry, or any combination in between- “good hair” has nothing to do with your hair type; it’s all about how you wear it.  A guy’s best friend when it comes to making major styling decisions is his hair dresser. Here are some tips from the experts: Before considering hair type, think about…

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For real? The #surgeryselfie

This is so, so wrong on so many levels. A report has surfaced (with a pic as proof) that shows Chinese doctors and nurses decked in scrubs, posing with reportedly unconscious patients on the operating table. Of course there was a backlash with some saying, “They are not acting professionally at all. They are treating…

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5 Myths About Hair Loss

Five Myths About Hair Loss Everyone has an opinion (mostly unsubstantial) about hair loss and everyone who suffers from it can make themselves crazy. We hope to put you at ease. Here, five myths to ditch (just not your baseball hat.) Your Mom’s Family Did This To You It is a complete myth that baldness…

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7 Things you need to know about Shampooing your Hair

7 Things you need to know about Shampooing your Hair Everyone (with hair that is) obsesses on whether it’s clean or not. For many, it means washing their hair everyday – which is actually Here is why: Hair is a fiber and just like your favorite wool sweater the more you wash it, the…

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We know mustaches are often accompanied with the facial hair trend and here is another reason to partake in the style craze: “Movember.” The entire moth of November hundreds of thousands of men will put the razor down and grow it out in all shapes and sizes to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer…

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Find Your Look. Top 5 Hair Apps

Aveda Hair App

get hair hAPPy! Whether you love the latest red carpet, hairstyles or are seriously wondering if blue hair is the right look for you, we’ve found an app for that.  The iTunes app store has been hours of fun for our blog team to browse. After testing out dozens of apps, here are our top…

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Eat up! 7 Foods for Healthy Hair

Food for healthy hair

7 Hair Raising Foods It’s always very general when someone tells you that a certain food is good for you. And while we too want you to take our nutrition advice – we want you to know the why behind each item on our shopping list. Below is our list of essential hair foods, from…

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