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Hair Loss

FALL SPECIAL: Hair Transplant & PRP Combination

PRP hair loss therapy

FALL SPECIAL – Book Your Hair Transplant Procedure before Dec. 1, 2019 and receive 2 PRP Hair Loss Treatments for no Extra Charge! ($2,000 value) This 34 year old male patient was experiencing temple hairline recession and thinning in the crown. He was not interested in taking oral medication like finasteride and wanted to slightly…

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2.5 Month PRP Follow Up Results

This 26 year old male patient came in for a hair loss consultation 2.5 months ago and based on the patients young age and degree of hair loss Dr. Stoller prescribed a medical therapy treatment plan first. For this patient Dr. Stoller recommended Propecia tablet orally/ daily and PRP hair loss therapy to maintain…

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PRP Hair Loss Therapy Results

This 24 year old male patient presented advanced Norwood Class 3  hair loss. It is proper medical practice to  be very cautious treating young males experiencing hair loss. Often young men with advanced hair loss are very likely to eventually  have significant hair loss that can progress to Norwood Class 6 or 7. Therefore hair…

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What is All the Excitement about PRP

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  It is an important part of the newly evolving field of Regenerative Medicine.  Since 1987, Orthopedic Surgeons have been using PRP to promote healing of bones and joints.  It is now accepted as a safe and effective treatment for Regenerative Plastic Surgery, including hair loss and thinning in both…

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by Dr. Roy Stoller Obviously, every man and woman who comes in to see me is bothered by losing their hair. Some don’t like the thinning, or that they can’t wear the style they want,  or their hairline is disappearing, or they can’t part it the way they are used to.  Something about their change in…

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The philosophy you will need to accept is PATIENCE and PERSEVERENCE.  Here’s a little course in hair physiology. You’ll need to understand three important phases. The first one is Anagen.  Your genetic make-up has a lot to do with this one.  ANAGEN = GROWTH.  Your genetics control how long this phase is (two to ten…

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Capillus Laser Therapy Proven to Promote Hair Growth*

Always on top of cutting edge technology to promote hair growth, we continue to expand our non-surgical offerings to our patients with Capillus laser cap therapy*. Derived from the Latin word-meaning total of hair on the scalp (we thought that was clever), Capillus treats hair loss at the root of the problem. If an underlying cause…

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A Limited Time offer on Viviscal Professional Vitamins

Now that you’ve embarked on your hair restoration journey, you need to be invested from every angle. Whether it’s a non-surgical or surgical treatment plan, your hair needs to be constantly nourished. Healthy hair will react quicker and stronger to hair loss treatments such as hair transplants and PRP therapy. In addition to our powerful…

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