The beard, it’s in vogue and the most stylish accessory a man can have. As a top hair restoration doctor and revered Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stoller knows how to create the perfect beard to give you the scruff you desire and a stronger jaw line.

It doesn’t stop there. Dr. Stoller knows how to enhance any aspect of your facial hair and is an expert in creating or restoring mustaches, goatees and sideburns. In many cases, Dr. Stoller connects all facial hair components for that perfect beard – – Hollywood style.

The science behind capturing that style is what makes Dr. Stoller the leader in facial hair transplants. It is his keen eye and understanding of follicular units, in this case, transplanting and inserting the grafts that will feel, look and grow like the rest of your facial hair.

Typical facial hair transplants can take less than 5 hours and give you the look you’ve always wanted.