Extra, Extra. Trending #hair and #face news happening now on the Dr. Stoller Blog!

Extra, Extra! Trending #hair and #face News.

– Yes, last night that was Rick Springfield on HBO’s True Detective in the role of Doctor Pitlor. The ‘Jessie’s Girl’ singer (who we credit with totally destroying any Karaoke night) cut off his long locks for the gig but did something really good with them.

 – So, why don’t humans have as much hair as other primates? Well, there are a few theories floating around – literally. Were our predecessors living the mermaid lifestyle or did we suffer like dogs with ticks and fleas? That, and some other ideas….

– In more man hair opinions, POPSUGAR conducted a survey (on the writer’s Facebook wall…) of what women think about hairy men. “If the balls want to be anywhere near my mouth, I need it at the very least trimmed,” was one of our favorites – but decide for yourself.

– The Good. The Bad. And then there is the #WTF. See all the red carpet beauty and hair looks from last nights  BET awards.

– Wait! We’re not done thinking about Mermaids and either are the hipsters. Welcome to ‘merman hair.’