Extra, Extra. Trending hair news and #trumpyourcat happening now on the Dr. Stoller Blog!

Here is all the hair news that is ‘fit to print’ this week.

– Everything really, really old is new again. Cleopatra’s hair style tips are on fire – literally. Candle cutting, or the Brazilian term, velaterapia, is a $150 to $200 hair treatment that involves running a candle flame along twisted strands of hair to singe off stray and unhealthy ends.

– You know those baby hair’s around your hairline (more women have them then men?) Apparently, thanks to the Givenchy A/W 2015 show, where models sported intricate curls along their hairline – this is now a creepy style trend.

– We do not love this one at all, but it’s worth a discussion. Girl’s dying their armpit hair has been a trend for the past 2 months – due in part to Myley Cyrus.  Now, there is an entire blog dedicated to female armpit hair – freeyourpits.com. We suggest you browse the photos – after lunch.

– As if there weren’t enough blogs, You Tube video’s and feline Instagram accounts, now we have cats that look like Donald Trump. AND WE LOVE IT. Apparently, cat owners around the world (just not in Mexico) are styling their pets to look like Mr. Trump. Search for #trumpyourcat

– Finally, learn how to style the Man Bun as told by a very famous male model.