EYEBROW Hair Transplant


*Individual results may vary.

An Eyebrow hair transplant can restore both function and aesthetics to the brow.*

The function of the eyebrow is to prevent sweat, water and other debris from entering the eyes.  But their aesthetic function is more valued.  Eyebrow frame the face and allow us convey human expression of happiness, sadness, surprise, delight, etc.  One of the problems with too much botox is without movement of the eyebrows, people appear stone cold and non-human.  Both function and the aesthetics of the brow portray a healthy human expression.  Like hair on the scalp, alopecia of the eyebrow can occur.  The eyebrow hair can be sensitive to DHT (dihydrotestosterone).  As people age, these DHT sensitive hair of the eyebrow will miniaturize and eventually fade away.*


Madison Avenue Eyebrow  <<< Click for more info

The aesthetic contour and hair angles need to be appreciated for a successful eyebrow hair transplant  procedure.  There are a key differences between the traditional scalp hair transplant and restoring hair density to eyebrow:

  • Usually only single hairs are used with an eyebrow hair transplant
  • The direction in which eyebrow hairs grow in most people changes from 90 degrees to 180 degrees from the one end to the other.
  • Hair grafts need to be inserted flat
  • Post procedure, transplanted eyebrow hairs need to be trimmed and contoured

It takes over one year to see a final result.  The hair will continue to naturalize as it cycles through the natural shedding process all hairs go through.*

Combined with Surgical Micro-Pigmentation (SMP)- the ultimate excellence in eyebrow aesthetics can be achieved*.  We call it the Madison Avenue Eyebrow.

*Individual results may vary.