As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who knows every aspect of the face and has performed thousands of surgical procedures, Dr. Stoller is a perfectionist when it comes to understanding how to highlight your facial bone structure. 


During your initial consultation, Dr. Stoller will examine your face from a 360-degree point of view to develop an Eyebrow Transplant Hair Prescription Plan for shapely, well-formed eyebrows that have the perfect thickness, shape, length and balance of space between each eyebrow. 

For this surgery, which takes less than 3 hours and requires anywhere from 200 – 500 grafts, Dr. Stoller usually recommends either Follicular Unit Transplant by Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplant by Strip (FUT).

Under high-powered microscopic eyewear, Dr. Stoller identifies the most suitable hairs for eyebrow restoration. These hairs are most often extracted just above the ear or nape of neck where they are a bit finer and resemble eyebrow hairs. 

Once the hairs are extracted and the expert team at Hair Restoration Solutions, led by Dr. Stoller, creates grafts that are then transplanted with the perfect science and style needed to create coveted eyebrows.