Extra! Extra! Celebrity Plastic Surgery Confessions, Walking Dead season finale clues and porn stars talk about their hair…

Here’s all the #hair and #face news that’s ‘fit to print’ this week.

While the debate still goes on about who is next to die on the Walking Dead, some are wondering if the stars real life hair do’s are a, uh, dead give-away. Is this leading character who looked really, really different during a recent red carpet appearance next?

So, ‘landing strips’ are so out. You know what we mean? Apparently the porn industry is causing an aesthetic revolution. Hint: Things are about to get hairy!

May the force be with your hair? Yass. Well, we hope this ‘Yass’ doesn’t last too long. Check out these Star Wars inspired hair-do’s from some very hip celebrities.

Nothing worse than angry mob of women! Especially when it comes to their hair. The brand Brooke Shields has been touting (presumably for a lot of money) might be in some serious trouble.

Hey guys, next time you think plastic surgery can make you look like Brad Pitt, please think again. Learn how this Modern Family realized that Body Dysmorphic disorder is a mental illness. His eye-opening essay is shocking.

And just in case you are still thinking about over-indulging with plastic surgery, you might want to take a look at these pics…..