It’s Okay: Beards in the Boardrooms.

We have also been wondering — what do all these guys do for work that are coming in droves for beard transplants? Creative downtown types? Internet tycoons that have retired at 30? Sure, there are a few of those guys sprinkled in but the majority are corporate types of guys that want to have more than the identity of their well pressed suits.

Translated: facial hair isn’t going out of vogue anytime soon. And, with that comes commentary and rules such as:

– You don’t give yourself a haircut, don’t give your beard one either. Find a proper barber.

– The slim jaw line beard is so out. A more natural look is in.

– A goatee is out and passive aggressive (don’t be afraid – just grow the beard out)

To learn more about ‘beards and boardroom’ — check out this New York Times article.