Buzzkill: 3 Things We Love to Eat that are not so Great for your Hair


Your hair is barometer of how well, or not, you’re feeding the body.  We know there are a lot of foods you should eat for better, stronger hair – especially after a hair transplant because they maximize growth.

Now, researchers have found some foods that may contribute to a lack of hair  growth, not to mention cause it to be brittle and dry.

1. Sushi
We know. Fish is the best thing ever for those of us on the constant road to loosing weight. But some fish contain high levels of mercury which can lead to hair loss. Now, this doesn’t mean a piece or two of salmon a week isn’t okay – we’re talking to you sushi addicts. A little less sushi is a good thing. Also try to avoid swordfish and mackerel which do have high levels of mercury.

2. Candy
Looks like you might have to get high on something other than sugar. As the body pumps out insulin in response to the rise in blood sugar, it also raises levels of androgen, a male hormone that can make the hair follicle shrink in men and women.

3. Pizza
As if we needed any more reasons not to eat pasta – this may be the strongest. A high-glycemic diet can increase androgen levels and can lead to hair thinning. Why? Because foods such as the pizza from your favorite Italian restaurant, fresh white breads from the local bakery and just about anything white breaks down into sugar which we know is not the healthiest for your hair.