Hair Loss Doctor Training V. Experience: Why it Really Matter’s

Why is it important to understand a physician’s training and experience when choosing a hair loss surgeon?

Hair loss when treated surgically is like any other operation. The surgeon does not know what they will find until the procedure is performed. Training in approved surgery programs develop a physician’s ability to problem solve during the procedure.

In many hair restoration programs, only one physician teaches and the trainee physician is not exposed to other very important facets of hair loss medicine or even basic surgical principles. For example, in the field of hair transplants, there are many types of hair and scalps. An ARTAS Robot procedure may work for one patient and not for another. Being able to switch surgical paradigms that generate the greatest results is imperative.

Experience is based on performing surgical procedures and managing patients. Although experience and training are related, comprehensive experience is very difficult to achieve solely in one physician’s office setting, unless the training physician has had prior years of surgical training.

The field of hair loss medicine has grown so quickly that it has become difficult for patients to choose the correct type of doctor – often confused by multiple letters after their names as well as titles such as Board Certification in Hair Restoration Surgery – which is not recognized by any specialty board.

TAKE AWAY: The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is not an official board. Patients should ask their physician if they are board certified in a surgical field that is recognized by the ACGME/ AOA, the only official certifying boards in the USA.

*Dr. Stoller is a New York City based  Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon that specializes in facial aesthetics and hair loss medicine. 

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