Q: Will it look natural?

A: Absolutely. It’s your hair! Our team of advanced doctors perform surgical hair restoration utilizing the best technology available such as the ARTAS ROBOT for hair transplants. With thousands and thousands of surgeries performed, we know how to create the most natural looking results.

We also offer the most up-to-date non-surgical treatment plans for hair growth that are completely organic. We know how to grow your own hair.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: We are here to restore not only your hair but your confidence with everything you do in life from career advancement to relationships. That’s why we make affordable Hair Treatment Plans for our patients. Because every case is individual, there are payment options available. Ask us all about how we can make this your reality.

Q: Is there a lot of downtime?

A: No. For non-surgical hair regrowth methods there is nothing invasive which means no down time – at all! For many patients that have hair transplant surgery, they find themselves back at work in under 48 hours!

Q: Now, are you ready?

A: If yes or maybe, call 212-920-4499


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