LaserCap LCPRO FDA Approved for Hair Loss!

When a product gets FDA 510(k) clearance it’s a very big deal. We were one of the first hair loss centers in New York City to sell LaserCap LCPRO because of its pioneering LCPRO low-level therapy device.

Specifically it was approved for treatment of women suffering from hair loss and to promote hair growth.  With a powerful 224 laser diodes, it has the optimal power level for hair growth, while offering complete scalp coverage.

The LaserCap LCPRO is not only safe and effective, but completely portable, hands free, simple to use (30 minutes every other day) and can be worn discreetly under any hat.

 As a perfect solution to restore your hair and promote hair growth, the LaserCap LCPRO has a number of distinct features compared to similar devices on the market today:

– The most technically advanced, portable hair treatment device.

– 224 laser diodes are embedded into the device’s soft, flexible dome-shaped membrane.

– 100% coverage of the scalp in each and every treatment, so optimal dosage of pulsating low level laser energy is provided to all essential hair follicles.

– Built-for-comfort. As comfortable as wearing a regular hat.

– Device is portable, ultra-light, built for comfort and hands-free, and comes with a rechargeable power-pack.

– Improves the overall quality of hair – makes it thicker, fuller, stronger and shiner.

– Proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio.

 Available by physician only, Dr. Stoller strongly recommends the LaserCap LcPro for:

– Post surgery to give your hair an ‘espresso’ shot

– For those with thinning hair – especially women

– For those that do not want surgery

– For hair strength

– As part of a medical therapy plan

– For those on-the-go who travel often (it is portable)

– For stay at home family members

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