We lose a lot of hair everyday, anywhere from 40 to 120 strands, sometimes more.  Most of these hairs you don’t even notice, while others accessorize your shower drains. The danger comes when you notice a lot of shedding and not too much growing back. Here, a few of the culprits and how get solve the angst.

A little mishap at the gym? Go skiing down the hill on, uh, one leg or get a really bad flu? While these events seem like no big deal in relation to your hair locks, they actually are. Any physical drama can disrupt your hair’s natural cycle of growth, rest and shedding – the later happening more than you’d like.

Cure: Heal. Your hair will grow back with time.

That big, ugly break-up? New lover? No job? New job? Whatever it is — it’s all-stressful, for better or for worse. Just like a physical event, anything emotional can wreak havoc on your hair.

Cure: Stabilize with lots of yoga and a little bit of therapy, retail or other. Your hair will grow back with time.

Yep, male pattern baldness is unavoidable for nearly 2 out of 3 men.  Usually caused by none other than our own family members (yet another thing to blame on them), you have to be very proactive on this one – if not – life will get hairless.

Cure: We can think of a few. Check out our most popular procedure – Artas Robotic Integrated Surgery and our               non-surgical methods, such as, the hottest procedure: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy.

Weight loss is a great thing, but just like when you do anything too fast and too hard, you usually burn out. For your body, sudden weight loss is a form of physical trauma and it stresses the body causing pounds and hair follicles to shed.

Cure: Slow and steady always wins the race. Don’t deny your body vitamins and minerals. If you’ve already crossed the line, your body may take 6 months to correct itself.

Err. We hate to the kill the buzz you have been chasing, but it might be killing your hair.  Certain medicines, such as, lithium, used for treating bipolar disorder have been thought to be linked to hair loss. Ditto on ibuprofen and other antidepressants.

Cure: Call your doctor and your pharmacist to discuss other alternatives or doses.

Beauty does have a price: it can ruin your hair. Chemical relaxers that straighten your hair, hot-oil treatments and high heat are all dangerous because they can affect your hair root.

Cure: Stop being so obsessed with flat ironing and relaxing your hair. Always condition after shampooing and air-drying is a good thing.

*If you find yourself losing hair and really have no idea why, it is best to see your doctor. Sometimes it can be a sign of something more severe.