Get Style! Best Haircut Tips

Thick, thin, oily, dry, or any combination in between- “good hair” has nothing to do with your hair type; it’s all about how you wear it.  A guy’s best friend when it comes to making major styling decisions is his hair dresser. Here are some tips from the experts:

Before considering hair type, think about the shape of your face. If you have a round face, side parts can be deadly.  Keep it back or tousled. Chiseled faces allow more play with parts. Long, pointed faces do best with haircuts closer to the head.  – Jon H., New York City

A receding hairline isn’t the end of the world, especially with today’s transplant technology. Until you are ready, a receding hairline can be easily masked with a close-cut, shaved head, of fade. -Alli J., Brooklyn

This one should be a no brainer but so many times we find that guys with oily hair use pomade. Simple logic men- if you have oily hair, stay away from oily products. Your best styling bet would be some dry shampoo for texture and hairspray for hold. – Alfonso R., Santa Monica

Self-maintenance is a key consideration when choosing a style. Even if you have a great cut, that looks great when you leave the salon, if you can’t maintain it daily you will probably just end up looking sloppy.  Jesse K., Chicago

Very thick or kinky hair? Always a blessing, never a curse! A short cut or thinning scissors could easily make this type of hair manageable and stylish. You don’t have to look like Richard Simmons! – Amanda P., New York City

A little sage advice from the experts never hurts. Choosing a hairstyle does not have to be a  decision left entirely up to you.  Don’t hesitate to consult with a stylist.