Micropigmentation Tattoo you.

Enhance the appearance of hair utilizing micropigmentation – known in pop culture as hair tattoos.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is often used to decrease the contrast between your scalp and your hair, leaving you with the appearance of greater hair density.

For those that have had procedures, such as, Follicular Unit Transplant by extraction, strip or Artas Robot, micropigmentation is  an effective way to fill in areas where there may not be enough Follicular Units suitable for transplant.

SMP is also one of the top go-to procedures for eyebrow restoration whether used alone or in conjunction with an eyebrow transplant.

This form of hair therapy is also ideal for patients that are not candidates for a hair transplant. Instead, these tiny, microdots are used to create a hairline and enhance the sexy shaved head look that so many celebrities rock.

During this 3 – 4 hour procedure, Dr. Stoller will use specialized instruments and needles to meticulously apply ink to your scalp that will match your hair color.

This procedure usually requires 2 or 3 treatments to match your exact color shade since everyone absorbs the ink at different rates. Once you’re ink color settles in with your natural coloring, expect years of serious coverage.