Follicular Unit Hair Transplant | FUT

FUT is often recommended for clients that need a larger amount of hair for a highly noticeable receding hairline, to add heavy density or coverage for excessive crown balding.*


During an FUT procedure, follicular units are extracted from a strip of donor tissue secured from the back of the head – an area that is not genetically predispositioned for baldness, thereby easily concealing a minimal scar*.

After placing the graft in a holding solution and the health is determined to be the best possible graft, Dr. Stoller begins implanting; precisely pinpointing where the new hairs will be transplanted and how to create the dense hair and shape that you are seeking*.

In one sitting Dr. Stoller may extract over 2500 units for large areas such as the crown or receding hairline*.

Dr. Stoller’s expertise as a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon drastically minimize the size of a scar. Within 9 months to a 1 year, it is recommend that patients have micropigmentation which can further camouflage a scar*.

*Individual results may vary.


Little Pain

With 25 years of in-hospital surgical experience, Dr. Stoller utilizes the safest and most efficient anesthesia and methods for pain control both during the procedure and afterwards.

Post Meds

The last thing we want is you waiting at the drugstore after surgery. You’ll have everything you need packed and ready in our post care bag.

Post Care

Follow our simple recovery guide, complete with hair washing, hair care and diet tips, soon you’ll be feeling just fine*.


A policy of Dr. Stoller is to have a chaperone pick you up after surgery make sure to have a friend or family member come with you to assure you return home or to your hotel safely.

Follow Up

As part of Hair Prescription Plan – we perform you first  shampoo therapy to soothe, nourish the scalp and encourage the growth of newly implanted hair.  Plus, we want to monitor your hair growth to achieve maximum results. 

Hair Growth

Hair growth normally begins 9 to 12 weeks after surgery and will then continue to grow the rest of your life like the surround donor hair.