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PRP Hair Loss Therapy For Young Male Patient

This 23 year old old male patient wanted hair transplant surgery to restore his quickly receding hairline. During his consultation Dr. Stoller suggested Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  combined with laser hair loss therapy as the first course of treatment. The patient was initially disappointed  with Dr. Stoller’s recommendation since his hair loss had become worse over the past year and he had a family history of hair loss and he was losing his hair even faster than his father or uncles had. Dr. Stoller reviewed with him how hair loss in young males was progressive and could become severe overtime and that slowing down and possibly reversing some hair loss medically was the more prudent approach. Over the following 9 months he had 2 PRP treatments and used a laser cap for a half hour 3 times per week. The photos below show his dramatic progress. He is very happy and will continue treatment as prescribed.

prp for hair loss

Before and 9 months after combination PRP and Laser Hair Therapy.