PRP Plus Laser Hair Therapy For Female Hair Loss

This 45 year old  female had history of genetic progressive hair loss.  Because of diffuse thinning throughout the donor area she  was not a surgical candidate for hair  transplantation. Previously she had Platelete Rich Plasma – PRP – treatment by another provider and the experience was painful and achieved no aesthetic result.  Desperate she came to Dr. Roy Stoller in Manhattan. Dr. Stoller is an hair specialist and has been preforming medical and surgical hair restoration for over 15 years.

They determined a course of treatment that combine PR injection to the scalp with Laser Hair therapy. She has been having PRP treatments every 4-6 months for the past 18 months .  Uses laser 1/2 hr three times per week. After results are 12 months from beginning of treatment.

The patient wrote of her experience on Yelp: Dr. Stoller and his staff are wonderful! Honestly, meeting Dr. Stoller has been a game changer for me. I have spent a decade using various products and receiving painful treatments from other doctors to help stop my hair loss, but nothing worked. At one point, my condition actually worsened due to another doctor’s method. Dr Stoller took the time to listen to my concerns and at no point did I feel pressured. He offers genuine advice and options backed by proven techniques in the medical field. He eliminated my fears and explained what his recommendation was for my situation. He is very personable and so considerate of the emotional stress hair loss causes. I have been receiving PRP treatments for over a year now with Dr. Stoller, and while the results are slow, they are showing. My hair loss has all but stopped and there is new hair growth. His entire procedure is different from PRP treatments I’ve had elsewhere. I highly recommend Dr. Stoller and his method for PRP! Anna Marie