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Hair Transplant NYC | Hair Transplants New York City
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 24 reviews
 by PT
100 Thank You's!!!

I felt comfortable today to be out with my friends. Both my donor and recipient areas are health and I am happy! I feel excited about the future. Most of all, I feel truly appreciative that specialists like yourself have dedicated your lives to making this procedure a success for people like me. It is a testament to your skill that it can such a great experience. 100 thank you's to you and your team that helped me overcome something that has been worrying me every day for years.

 by Vincent D
Highly Recommend!

I went to Dr. Stoller for my hair restoration (FUT) and am very pleased with the outcome. After carefully researching the best doctors of NY and going on countless consultations, I felt the most confident with Dr. Stoller. Everything that he had mentioned in our consultation was right on point. Also, the staff was very professional and extremely courteous. Thanks to Dr Stoller's technique, my recovery was quick and pain free. The incision line was not noticeable at all. It was perfectly hidden under my already existing hair. I would definitely recommend Dr. Stoller!! I could not have been more satisfied with everything !

 by Rand A
So Thankful I found Dr Stoller

Dr. Roy Stoller is an excellent Dr. and a really kind and thoughtful person. He is the second surgeon I had a procedure with due to my frist one not coming out with the desired results I wanted. When I first met with him, he took more time than needed with me to answer every one of my questions (there were a lot!), even if they felt embarassing to ask, he made me feel comfortable and really cares about his patient's feelings, concerns, questions, and them getting the best results. You can tell he does not do this for the money, but because he is passionate about his work. He even diagnosed something on my scalp that answered a lot of questions for why my hair was doing certain things. My first hair surgeon hadn't mentioned or even taught me about this diagnosis, and Dr. Stoller explained it to me with anatomy diagrams and pictures so that I understood, and finally lot of things made sense to me. He was also avaible via text message for me whenever I had a question, answered them all, and even called me in to see him in person regarding my concern, and kept his office open after-hours just for me to be able to make it, because I was coming in after work. After my first surgeon, I consulted with 3 others for a second procedure, and he was the one I chose because of a gut-feeling I had. Even more as you get to know him, you discover how cool, interesting, caring, and kind he is. I am so happy with how my hair is turning out so far. Please see him!!

 by Kyle W.
Wonderful Doctor!

Wonderful doctor and staff. Gives you as much time as you need. I have never felt rushed. Very detailed and skilled. His team was always responsive and caring. The results achieved with Dr. Stoller was more than I expected, just amazing. I am very pleased and recommend him.

 by Ian C.
So Happy With My Results!

I can not say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Stoller. Prior to my consultation, I was filled with doubt, worry, and insecurity but those feelings were quelled by the time I walked out of the office. Everything from communication to my interaction with each staff member has been fantastic and I am so happy with my results. What a different, more confident feeling I carry around each day.

 by S.K.
Dr. Stoller is simply phenomenal!

Dr. Stoller is simply phenomenal! I went to a few other clinics before his and a family friend referred me to Dr. Stoller. From the moment I met him, I knew I could trust him. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and extremely kind.

I did a FUE with him a few months ago and he always checks in on me and makes the follow-up visits very personal. He is attentive to my concerns and always takes the time to answer every question. As a physician myself, I am extremely impressed and inspired by his knowledge base and patient care. He is the best! I cannot recommend him highly enough!

 by A.M.
Grateful I found Dr. Stoller - Yelp Review

I went for a hair consultation but honestly had no expectations, being that I tried a couple of other different doctors before, that left me quite disappointed. This time was totally the opposite: I found a warm personality, full of professionalism, and for the first time it gave me the feeling it's not all about the money! I spent around an hour and didn't feel rushed at all, got useful answers and suggestions about my hair condition and steps needed to take in order to improve it. I came primarily for a hair transplant but he suggested other options before going to that direction. (Previous doctor kicked me out in less than 20 min, telling me I need 4,000 grafts hair transplant, worth $23,000, which seemed absurd even for someone like me that has no clue about this - Dr. Stoller confirmed that it was an outrageous amount of grafts for my condition, possibly 1,500 needed, if I decide to go for a transplant).

Again, highly impressed by the doctor's character and his approach. Grateful that I found about him, regretting that it didn't happen a year ago, when I firstly went to a different clinic, paid $350 only to be left with a bitter taste, less than 15 min and a pill suggestion was all I spent my money for.

 by J.L - Yelp Reviewer
Very Professional

After several years of research and delaying, I finally made the decision to go forward with hair transplant surgery. I quickly decided on Dr. Stoller after the initial consultation. He was very professional and took his time in discussing with me the various options available. I had lost a good deal of hair on the crown of my head, as well as in the front portion. I underwent my first procedure a little over 4 months ago. Dr. Stoller and I decided to start in the front and work towards the back of my head. It was a 6 hour procedure involving the harvesting of about 2400 grafts. Both he and his staff were very confident, which put me at ease. The recovery period was almost entirely pain free. I know that it takes about a full year to see the true results, but I am already seeing a return of my frontal hair line. I will be going to see Dr. Stoller in about 3 1/2 weeks for my follow-up appointment to check on my progress. At that time, I plan on scheduling my second procedure for sometime in late April to fill in the crown area. I believe that his pricing structure was very reasonable, and recommend him to anyone considering a hair transplant procedure.

 by John
The Best

Dr. Stoller did an amazing job. This was my 5th hair transplant. I definitely wish I had went to him the first time. Despite the deep scar tissue on my scalp that accumulated as a result of previous surgeries, Dr. Stoller & his team made sure I was in no pain. No other doctor has ever provided me with such great care and outstanding service. He even prepared a bag of post-op medications/instructions for me to take home so that I didn't have to go to the pharmacy. He's very precise and careful with his work. My previous hair transplant doctors left me with noticeable scars and a pitted-looking hairline. Unlike them, Dr. Stoller is very experienced hair restoration physician/surgeon. I have researched a lot of surgeons, and I honestly wouldn't go to anyone else.

 by Anna Maria
Dr. Stoller and his staff are wonderful!

Dr. Stoller and his staff are wonderful! Honestly, meeting Dr. Stoller has been a game changer for me. I have spent a decade using various products and receiving painful treatments from other doctors to help stop my hair loss, but nothing worked. At one point, my condition actually worsened due to another doctor's method. Dr Stoller took the time to listen to my concerns and at no point did I feel pressured. He offers genuine advice and options backed by proven techniques in the medical field. He eliminated my fears and explained what his recommendation was for my situation. He is very personable and so considerate of the emotional stress hair loss causes. I have been receiving PRP treatments for over a year now with Dr. Stoller, and while the results are slow, they are showing. My hair loss has all but stopped and there is new hair growth. His entire procedure is different from PRP treatments I've had elsewhere. I highly recommend Dr. Stoller and his method for PRP!

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