9 Questions with Dr. Roy B. Stoller

Q: Why are you in the hair business?

A: I have always had an interest in hair biology. I always thought it would be cool to regrow hair in people affected by disease – because hair loss is a disease.

Q: A disease?  Really?

A: Yes, really! I say that because anatomically people have hair. When the body is in an abnormal state, meaning disease, it loses hair.  The most common hair disease is androgenetic alopecia, which is what causes male pattern baldness, but please don’t try to use thinning hair as a reason to call in sick from work!

Q: What makes you a great a hair transplant doctor?

A: My background in facial plastic surgery is a huge plus. When you are looking for a hair transplant doctor you want someone who has a 360-degree view and understanding of the face. I’m also one of those people who craves knowledge, so I am continually updating my skills by learning and teaching around the world. I always know the new, the now and the best.

Q: Why do you like performing surgery?

A: I pay so much attention to detail it makes me and everyone around me on high alert, but that’s what you need to do when you are a surgeon. When you pay attention to all of those details – you can correct a disease – and that I love.

Q: Have you ever suffered from hair loss?

A: I did! I mean, I do! I had hair transplant surgery by one the great masters years ago. Today, I use all the non-surgical hair loss prevention methods and products that I share with my patients.

Q: Do you find your job emotional? I mean, you are changing the way people look and feel about themselves?

A: Of course. Nothing makes me happier than a patient who is back in the game. When they feel on top of the world because of my influence – it’s great – and very humbling.

Q: You are known as the go to doctor for celebrities. Can you give us just one hint of whom you have worked on?

A: Absolutely not.  I respect every patient’s privacy – celebrity or not. But I will say, I just saw one of them on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and he looked great 🙂 Oh wait, was that a hint?

Q: So, celebrities are really just like us? They have hair issues too?

A: Yes, they are not immune to hair loss either.  You usually don’t notice dramatic differences in the way they look because they stop hair loss at the first sign – which is something I recommend to all my patients.

Q: What else are you doing when you’re not creating great heads of hair?

A: Thinking about how I can make NYC a better place. I’m involved with Pledge 2 Protect an organization that started because of a waste management system plan near my neighborhood that threatened the safety of children and seniors. I am a huge advocate of sensibility and sustainability 🙂