Testimonial: “The entire experience exceeded my expectations.”

To Whom It May Concern:

Searching for someone to help you get your hair back can be a very tryingexperience. At least it was for me. I looked at several options and wasn’t sold on any for various reasons. In casual conversations I found out that one of my best  friends haddeveloped a professional relationship over the years with Dr. Roy Stoller who specialized in hair reconstruction surgery. My friend was very  familiar with Dr. Stoller’s work and reputation and recommended him highly. Well, that’s all I needed to sooth my anxieties so I reached out to Dr. Stoller. I was very impressed with the ease of communication and his professionalism. After examining my photos he made his analysis and was quite frank about what he could AND couldn’t do to help me. It was very straight forward so there would be no surprises. I’m extremely happy I decided to proceed. He provided me detailed pre-opand post-op instructions so I knew exactly what to expect and what I needed to do. His staff was exceptional and well-trained, thorough and kept me comfortable and informed throughout the procedure. Suffice to say that the entire experience exceeded my expectations. I sincerely recommend Dr. Stoller for hair reconstruction. Please feel confident that you are in the best of hands. He is a true professional.

P.S…..I would like to add an exclamation point to the above. I live in the Chicago area. The trip to New York for my procedure was more than worth it !!!


Manny Lance Mossbegrer