I had a procedure done 15 months ago with a different doctor. I thought it went well, but my experience this time with Dr. Stoller was significantly better!

It was a great experience from start to finish beginning with the first time I met Dr. Stoller. He made me feel extremely comfortable from day one. I could tell he was really excited and passionate about the work he does which I was really glad to see. And then I found out during the procedure that he’s also a perfectionist which was also great to see. He didn’t rush me along, but rather took a little extra time to make sure he got everything perfect. I was very appreciative and it made me feel like he was doing the procedure for a friend or family member.

His staff also made me feel more comfortable…. and the office environment was nicer and cleaner than his ‘competitor.’

I didn’t have any swelling after the procedure. Last time I had swelling for 4 days!

Dr. Stoller also used anesthesia while cutting the strip in the back of my head and sewing it back up. it was nice not to be awake for that! Also, Dr. Stoller gave me pain killers on my way out of the of procedure (as opposed to last time I had to go wait at CVS for an hour to get them while my head was throbbing in pain… and while looking ridiculous because my head was wrapped in bandages!).

Another big difference is in the back of my head. last time it looked like they stapled my skin together and the stitched-area was raised and looked like a funny bump on my head for about a month. This time it is completely seamless. My wife said last time I looked like Frankenstein, but this time nobody would notice if I didn’t tell them.

The biggest thing: Dr. Stoller¬† gave me his personal cell phone number in case of an emergency. I never needed it since I didn’t have any complications, but it made me feel really good knowing that I could get a hold of him at any time.