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The Most Experienced Hair Restoration Team

Dr. Stoller won’t let just anyone touch your hair grafts. Every hair technician that works on his team is hand picked. Having performed thousands of surgeries together, everyone in the operating room is of the highest medical training and expertise.

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Over 6,000 Hair Transplants Performed. Top Ranked Hair Loss Doctor in New York City.

Whether you have just started to thin, are balding in an area, or have had previous surgical work, Dr. Stoller and his team can help.

Dr. Stoller will personally meet with you and review your hair loss history. He will offer the best hair transplant NYC options to treat your hair loss.

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The Best Technology for Hair Transplants in NYC

Dr. Stoller has one of the few hair treatment centers in Manhattan that feature the ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant System®, a minimally invasive procedure that requires no sutures.

As a pioneer in the field of Hair transplant long island, no one understands hair better than Dr. Roy B. Stoller, one of the world’s most prominent hair restoration surgeons. The former Medical Director of a National Hair Restoration Group has launched his namesake practice – providing the next evolution in hair restoration offering both surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments and procedures for men and women suffering from hair loss.

Top New York City Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Stoller has opened a modern mid-town Manhattan facility equipped with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, this state-of-the-art technology was created to eliminate the guesswork.

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      Dr. Roy B. Stoller


Dr. Stoller achieves exceptional results by focusing on what’s best for his patients. He practices an integrated approach to treating hair loss combining all proven surgical methods and treatment therapies available to him to customize a solution that is optimal for each patient.


Expert driven technology

We employ the latest technology, but like a race car you need an expert behind the wheel to get great results.


No two clients are alike. Dr. Stoller meets and consults with each patient, he exams your unique hair and scalp characteristics.

Pain Control

With 25 years of in-hospital surgical experience, Dr. Stoller utilizes the safest and most efficient anesthesia and methods.

Honest Simple Pricingy

We offer fair and competitive pricing and have financing available. Many doctors charge more for the robot – we don’t.


Experience Matters 6,000 NYC Hair Transplant Surgeries and Counting

A Review of Modern Surgical Hair Restoration Techniques

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17 Best Foods To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

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Aesthetic Distribution of Follicular Units

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The Many Approaches to Hair Loss

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We Specialize in the Classic Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) Surgery

Worried about the scar in the back of your head? Think again if you want more hair, a better price and our micropigmentaion expertise. We’re also one of the few headed by a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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    Our stereomicroscopes are the most high tech available and we only use the best surgical instruments and blades to insure the healthiest of grafts.

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    Not only will FUT generate the most hairs, it can also be more cost effective for certain patient’s since the method of extraction is less time than a FUE. Plus, there are many available financing packages.

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    The Most Coverage

    For patient’s that have large areas of their head that need hair as well as density, FUT is the answer since it generates the most hair grafts compared to FUE – in certain patients.

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    We Know How To Hide Scars

    If the thought of a scar prohibits you from FUT, think again. Dr. Stoller’s office boasts one of countries most well-known micropigmentation artists to better conceal a scar and allow you to wear your hair short.

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    Less Painful Than The Others

    When performing a FUT / Strip surgery, Dr. Stoller is one of the few hair restoration doctors that goes beyond simply a local anesthetic – because that’s just not enough for patients to have a nearly pain free experience. With the safest and most efficient anesthesia, Dr. Stoller makes sure his patients enjoy the experience of their transformation.

Hair Transplant Machine


Dr. Stoller's Experience Matters - He Has Performed Over 6,000 NYC Hair Transplant Surgeries


Bald spot? Thinning hair? Receding hairline? Facial hair loss? Patchy beard? Eyebrow loss? Alopecia? From surgical hair transplants...


Hair surgery has come a long way in the past decade. If you have plugs, awkward hair lines, or scars from a past surgery....


Stop the rate of hair loss in its tracks and build a healthier scalp and stronger hair using platelet rich plasma (PRP).


The Most Advanced Hair Loss Technology in New York City - The ARTAS Hair Restoration System

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    An absolutely natural look

    ARTAS assists Dr. Stoller in selecting the strongest and healthiest hair follicles for transplant. It facilitates fuller, healthier, and natural looking hair.

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    No linear scarring

    Because it does not require surgical removal of a continuous strip of scalp to secure donor hair follicles, it requires no scalpel or sutures, and results in no linear scar.

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    Quick recovery

    FUE offers a quicker recovery time when compared to other hair transplant options.

Hair Transplant New York Videos

Watch how Dr. Stoller performs ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplants for this patients

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