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PRP Hair Loss Therapy Results

This 24 year old male patient presented advanced Norwood Class 3  hair loss. It is proper medical practice to  be very cautious treating young males experiencing hair loss. Often young men with advanced hair loss are very likely to eventually  have significant hair loss that can progress to Norwood Class 6 or 7. Therefore hair transplant surgery is often not the best solution until the patient matures and their potential hair loss is more predictable.

After examination and review of the patient’s medical and hair loss history Dr. Stoller recommend a combination therapy of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections along with Laser Hair Therapy. After 9 months the patients hair loss had stabilized and frontal vellus hairs had thickened. At that point the patient discontinued Laser Hair Therapy and at 15 months and 4 PRP injection treatments his hairline had thickened significantly.

Before – 8 months – 15 months

Below is a comb through of the patients regrown hair.