Restoring the Frontal Hairline

For most men and women with hair loss, the hairline is one of the most important areas to consider. It is usually where you first start to see hair loss and is often the greatest point of insecurity. When people look at you, they notice your hairline first.

Hair loss typically begins to thin just below the temple and forehead and recedes towards the crown, the back of the head. Women tend to thin behind the hairline in a christmas tree pattern, a zigzag. Often the temple areas of women, or “edges,” can be affected as well.

During a hair loss consultation, the surgeon will assess your frontal hairline and discuss the results you are expecting, and your hair restoration goals. The physician will also evaluate the donor area to assure you have healthy hair to transplant. When designing the hairline for each patient, the  surgeon considers your age, hair color, hair type, and the extent of your hair loss.

When it comes to rebuilding the hairline with hair transplants, 1- 2 hair follicle units can be used to create a softer, natural hairline around the edges.

Restoring the hairline has the greatest cosmetic effects, regardless of the degree of hair loss, and should generally be less painful than removing the hair follicles from the front scalp. To restore the hairline in the front area, the follicle should be transplanted with a 1-2 hair transplant unit to the desired area in front of the scalp.

The first thing to remember is that you cannot replicate a low, flat hairline in the same way as you did before natural hair loss. In FUE hair transplantation, the hair is removed from one known donor site and transplanted to another known “donor site.” FUE hair transplants allow you to bring your own hair back to the place where it stopped growing or thinning, for natural looking results.

A combination of surgery and medication can lower the patient’s hairline and forehead to eliminate the occurrence of hair loss. With the implantation of hair, we can advance the treatment of hair loss and the restoration of a flat, front hairline.

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